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appearance:in vain of ALL THE BASE tend to be BELONG TO US, this obscure pop-culture ejaculation locates its origin within the now notorious NES platformer Bible Adventures. A quirk for the game's mechanics enabled the ball player, otherwise entrusted utilizing the safe conveyance of child Moses across the Nile, to dedicate a most heinous act of infanticide by throwing the tiny fellow into the drink. The ball player would after that be admonished at the conclusion of the mission that he or she had "forgotten baby Moses" - without doubt towards delight of the numerous of disgruntled young ones inclined to such functions of assault when you're forced to play Bible Adventures rather than a real game.As a manifestation, its variety used is surpassed just by its ability to upset. Usually, but "Drown Baby Moses" is utilized referentially in comparisons with gaffes of an identical nature; in conflicts over which game gaffe may be the worst, it is often invoked as a trump card.