What does Droppler Effect mean?

Droppler Effect meaning in Urban Dictionary

The weary jaded sense of "letdown" that one generally experiences after a much-anticipated event (eg a talent-concert or other much-hyped cultural bash, dinner-date, "important" business meeting, etc.) which turns out to be significantly less satisfying or worthwhile than was expected or hoped-for. Therefore, such as the "Doppler influence" this is certainly heard as a noisy automobile zooms by (the noise of this jalopy's engine is greater because it bears down on your position and then falls considerably in pitch as it rushes headlong in to the length), a person's state of mind and thoughts sustain a similar "roller-coaster" or "sugar-crash" trip... you are all keyed-up and excited in advance with your heartbeat going a-mile-a-minute as you excitedly anticipate the looked-forward-to occasion, then after ward you are feeling dissatisfied and exhausted, along with your whole being slowed down into a state of draggy disillusionment.