What does Drop upstart mean?

Drop upstart meaning in Sports Dictionary

Maneuver began with a forward move that moves into a-deep pike by raising the feet toward the chest. The arms are then dropped backwards using human body fully turning while under the pubs, to after that transfer to a deep pike once more prior to going into an upswing that lifts the human body high into a "V" support with all the hips longer to carry the rear down. (sport: Guys's Gymnastics - Synchronous Bars)

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  • The motion starts using the gymnast in a dish form with the sides pressed resistant to the bar in a downswing movement before the hips become amount with all the bar. The feet then squat quickly with all the legs and shins very nearly pressing the bar to then go the bar later on associated with knee so that the shoulders rise above the bar. (sport: guys's Gymnastics - Horizontal club)