What does Drop out mean?

Drop out meaning in Sports Dictionary

the definition of directed at a drop kick which taken on or behind the 25yd line. The opposing group cannot move throughout the line before kick was taken. A drop on is awarded towards defending group if the opposition has committed an offense in-goal, or if perhaps the ball is manufactured dead because of the defending group once the opposition has placed it into the in-goal location. (sport: Rugby Union)

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  • A dropkick taken because of the kicker from between your articles or through the center of 22yd line to carry the baseball back into play. (recreation: Rugby League)

Drop out meaning in General Dictionary

withdraw from set up society, particularly as a result of disillusion with old-fashioned values

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  • leave school or an educational program prematurely
  • give-up when confronted with beat of lacking hope; acknowledge beat

Drop out meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A drop on is a phrase familiar with describe a read/write mistake occurring when dropping contact associated with the number.

Sentence Examples with the word Drop out

She was frightened out of her wits, like the rest of us but it's not like her to just drop out of sight, unless Quinn talked her into it.

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