What does Drop in mean?

Drop in meaning in Sports Dictionary

To drive down on a wave and then slip down its face. (recreation: searching)

Drop in meaning in General Dictionary

visit informally and in an instant

Drop in meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A drop in is a read/write error that is encountered when incorrectly detecting a non-existent data signal.

Sentence Examples with the word Drop in

For this purpose a resistance, say, of one ohm is placed in series with the lamp and a resistance of 100,000 ohms placed across the terminals of the lamp; the latter resistance is divided into two parts, one consisting of loon ohms and the other of 99,000 ohms. The potentiometer enables us to measure therefore the current through the lamp by measuring the drop in volts down a resistance in series with it and the potential difference of the terminals of the lamp by measuring the drop in volts down the tooth part of the high resistance of 100,000 ohms connected across the terminals of the lamp.

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