What does Drizzt Do'urden mean?

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possibly the most well-known Forgotten Realms personality, created by Author R. A. Salvatore, Drizzt is a Drow or Dark Elf. He resides in the world of Toril, the environment of Forgotten Realms books (A spin from the popular RPG Dungeons and Dragons) While Salvatore features recieved much criticism from core D&D fans when planning on taking way too many liberties regarding the "rules" of this fantasy globe, it must be noted that their books sell superior to any other authors inside show, and that Drizzt is on of couple of D&D characters known widely beyond your dream gaming world. He could be the exclusion to his evil battle, and left their underground homeland to come to the outer lining, in which he learned the ways of a ranger, and learned to worship the god Mielikki. Their friends include a magical pet named Guenwhyvar, a Dwarf called Bruenor Battlehamer, a person called Cattie-brie, a Halfling named Regis, and a Barbarian known as Wulfgar. His weapons of choice are two scimitars, though he could be quite adept on bow and.