What does Dixie mean?

Dixie meaning in General Dictionary

A colloquial title the Southern portion of the usa esp during Civil War

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  • the southern states that seceded from the US in 1861
  • a sizable material pot (12 gallon camp kettle) for cooking; utilized in army camps
  • A colloquial title for south portion of the United States, esp. throughout the Civil War.

Dixie meaning in Names Dictionary

From the Southern when you look at the U.S.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: feminine

Dixie meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1859, very first attested within the tune of the title, that has been popularized, or even written, by Ohio-born U.S. minstrel musician and songwriter Dan Emmett (1815-1904); perhaps a reference toward Mason-Dixon Line, but there are more well-publicized theories dating back to the Civil War. Popularized nationwide in minstrel shows. Dixieland design of jazz developed in New Orleans c.1910, so-called from 1919.

Dixie meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A colloquial title for south percentage of america, esp. during the Civil War.

Sentence Examples with the word Dixie

Here too he planned and wrote the first two volumes of his chief historical work, the History of the Papacy; and it was in part this which led to his being elected in 1884 to the newly-founded Dixie professorship of ecclesiastical history at Cambridge, where he went into residence early in 1885.

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