What does Dionysian mean?

Dionysian meaning in General Dictionary

associated with Dionysius a monk of this 6th century while the Dionysian or Christian era

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  • of or associated with or worshipping Dionysus
  • Relating to Dionysius, a monk of the 6th century; as, the Dionysian, or Christian, period.

Dionysian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

of or pertaining to Dionysos, Greek god of wine and revelry, identified with Roman Bacchus. Their name is of as yet not known beginning. Or in mention of the historic males known as Dionysius like the tyrants of Syracuse and especially Dionysius Exiguus (see A.D.), such as for example Dionysian amount of 532 Julian many years, once the moon phases recur for a passing fancy days of the few days.

Dionysian meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

The art impulse in which life is relived, in which life's joys and aches tend to be re-experienced. The powerful and passionate associated with might of life and energy. (Nietzsche.) -- H.H.

Dionysian meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) regarding Dionysius, a monk for the 6th century; as, the Dionysian, or Christian, era.

Sentence Examples with the word Dionysian

The time following the Dionysian tyranny was at Syracuse a time full of the most stirring local and personal interest, under her two deliverers Dion and Timoleon.

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