What does Dilution mean?

Dilution meaning in General Dictionary

The act of diluting or perhaps the condition to be diluted

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  • a diluted solution
  • deterioration (reducing the focus) by adding water or a thinner
  • The work of diluting, or even the condition of being diluted.

Dilution meaning in Finance Dictionary

the alteration in profits per share or guide value per share that could end up if all warrants and commodity were exercised and all convertible securities were converted. Diluted profits per share tend to be computed in this manner and provide an even more precise measure of a business real receiving power.

Dilution meaning in Law Dictionary

The act of decreasing the proportion of ownership held by current people through issuance of new stocks of COMMON STOCK (or through exercise of outstanding commodity or the transformation of CONVERTIBLE BONDS). In order to protect investors against dilution from brand new issuance, a company may choose to float a RIGHTS ISSUE, giving existing shareholders the best of first refusal in using up brand-new stocks. See also FULLY DILUTED BASIS.

Dilution meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, noun of activity from previous participle stem of Latin diluere (see dilute).

Dilution meaning in Business Dictionary

An investor's portion of ownership is reduced by additional stock given during future rounds of financing.

Dilution meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

Process of reducing the focus of a solute in answer, usually by blending with more solvent.

Dilution meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The act of diluting, and/or state of being diluted.

Sentence Examples with the word Dilution

Now the effective change produced by the action of the current is the concentration of the more dilute solution by the dissolution of metal in it, and the dilution of the originally stronger solution by the separation of metal from it.

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