What does Dilettantism mean?

Dilettantism meaning in General Dictionary

just like Dilettanteism

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  • Just Like Dilettanteism.

Dilettantism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

Opposite of reliability. If added to art admiration because it opposed the also intellectual guidelines of conventional style, especially in Rome, 2nd century; in France and The united kingdomt, 18th century. -- L.V.

Dilettantism meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) identical to Dilettanteism.

Sentence Examples with the word Dilettantism

Yet there were elements of weakness in his character which his short life only half revealed: an impetuosity which made him twice threaten to take his own life; a superstitious vein which impelled him to consult oracles and shrink from bad omens; an amiable dilettantism which led him to travel in Egypt while his enemy was plotting his ruin; a want of nerve and resolution which prevented him from coming to an open rupture with Piso till it was too late.

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