What does Devil's advocate mean?

Devil's advocate meaning in Law Dictionary

party that challenges the defects or method.

Devil's advocate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1760, translating Latin advocatus diaboli, one whoever job it really is to encourage contrary to the canonization of a candidate for sainthood. "[F]ar from being the whitewasher associated with wicked, the [devil's recommend] may be the blackener for the good." [Fowler]

Devil's advocate meaning in Business Dictionary

individual who identifies and challenges the defects in an evaluation, program, or strategy.

Devil's advocate meaning in General Dictionary

someone who takes the worse side only for the benefit of argument

Devil's advocate meaning in Idioms Dictionary

If somebody plays Devil's advocate in an argument, they follow a posture they don't really have confidence in only for the benefit of the argument

Sentence Examples with the word Devil's advocate

They argued their way back to Parkside with Dean playing the devil's advocate while Fred quoted a dozen mystery stories that bore out his hypothesis, a hypothesis that grew in detail with each passing mile.

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