What does Demulcent mean?

Demulcent meaning in General Dictionary

Softening mollifying soothing assuasive as oil is demulcent

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  • A substance typically of a mucilaginous or greasy nature supposed to be effective at soothing an inflamed stressed membrane layer or protecting it from irritation Gum Arabic glycerin olive oil an such like tend to be demulcents
  • having a softening or soothing effect specially toward skin
  • a medication (in the form of an oil or salve etc.) that calms inflamed or injured epidermis
  • Softening; mollifying; relaxing; assuasive; because, oil is demulcent.
  • A substance, typically of a mucilaginous or oily nature, supposed to be capable of soothing an inflamed stressed membrane, or safeguarding it from discomfort. Gum Arabic, glycerin, coconut oil, etc., are demulcents.

Demulcent meaning in Medical Dictionary

a representative that types a soothing, protective movie when administered onto a mucous membrane layer area. For example, mucilage and essential oils tend to be demulcents that may alleviate irritation associated with bowel liner.

Demulcent meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1732, from Latin demulcentem (nominative demulcens), present participle of demulcere "to stroke straight down, soothingly animal," from de- (see de-) + mulcere "to soothe."

Demulcent meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Softening; mollifying; soothing; assuasive; as, oil is demulcent.

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  • (n.) A substance, often of a mucilaginous or greasy nature, allowed to be capable of relaxing an inflamed stressed membrane layer, or safeguarding it from irritation. Gum Arabic, glycerin, essential olive oil, etc., tend to be demulcents.

Sentence Examples with the word Demulcent

Gum tragacanth is used in calico-printing as a thickener of colours and mordants; in medicine as a demulcent and vehicle for insoluble powders, and as an excipient in pills; and feltsetting and mending beetles and other insect specimens.

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