What does Danish mean?

Danish meaning in General Dictionary

from the Danes or even to their language or nation

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  • of or regarding or characteristic of Denmark and/or Danes or their language
  • light sweet yeast-raised roll often full of fresh fruits or mozzarella cheese
  • a Scandinavian language that's the official language of Denmark
  • from the Danes, or even to their particular language or country.
  • The language for the Danes.

Danish meaning in Names Dictionary

Knowledge, wisdom.
Name Origin: Arabic
Name Gender: Male

Danish meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English Denisc "people of Denmark" (see Dane); danish pastry is 1934; reduced type danish is from 1963.

Danish meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) of the Danes, or even their language or country.

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  • (n.) The language associated with Danes.

Sentence Examples with the word Danish

The Hanse trade replaced the English for the worse; and the Danish monopoly which succeeded it when the Danish kings began to act again with vigour was still less profitable.

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