What does Dane mean?

Dane meaning in General Dictionary

A native or a naturalized inhabitant of Denmark

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  • a native or inhabitant of Denmark
  • A native, or a naturalized inhabitant, of Denmark.

Dane meaning in Names Dictionary

From Denmark.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Dane meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"native of Denmark," from Danish Daner (changing Old English Dene (plural)); found in Old English of Northmen usually. Perhaps eventually from a source regarding Old tall German tanar "sand bank," in mention of their homeland; or from Proto-Germanic *den- "low ground," for similar explanation. Applied 1774 to a breed of huge puppies. Danegeld not known by that title in Old English, or until 1086, even after the end of the Viking depredations. Supposedly initially a tax to cover protection from the Northmen (either to outfit protective armies or even to buy peace). Danelaw (c.1050) had been the Danish law in effect over that large element of The united kingdomt under Viking guideline after c.878; the application on land is contemporary (1837).

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Dane meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A native, or a naturalized inhabitant, of Denmark.

Sentence Examples with the word Dane

Immediately appointed him to succeed his patron as imperial mathematician, although at a reduced salary of Soo florins; the invaluable treasure of Tycho's observations was placed at his disposal; and the laborious but congenial task was entrusted to him of completing the tables to which the grateful Dane had already affixed the title of Rudolphine.

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