What does Customs mean?

Customs meaning in General Dictionary

money collected under a tariff a duty imposed on brought in goods

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  • money gathered under a tariff

Customs meaning in Law Dictionary

This term is usually put on those fees that are payable upon items and product imported or exported. Story, Const.

Customs meaning in Business Dictionary

national agency entrusted with administration of laws and regulations to gather and protect import-revenues, and regulate and document the flow of products in-and-out associated with country. To not ever be confused with customized.

Customs meaning in Symbols Dictionary

is an expert or agency in a country in charge of collecting and safeguarding customs responsibilities and for managing the circulation of products including creatures, transports, personal effects and haz…

Customs meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

Behavior habits took part in by persons as people in a bunch, contrasted with individual or arbitrary group behavior patterns, including folkways, conventions, mores, institutions. Behavior habits long established in an organization as compared with recently enacted guidelines or newly acquired conduct methods. Group behavior patterns which are un-enforced (folkways) or moderately enforced (conventions) or morally enforced (mores) as compared with establishments which are lawfully enforced. -- A.J.B.

Sentence Examples with the word Customs

Taking Varro for his model, Fenestella was one of the chief representatives of the new style of historical writing which, in the place of the brilliant descriptive pictures of Livy, discussed curious and out-of-the-way incidents and customs of political and social life, including literary history.

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