What does Competitors mean?

Competitors meaning in Sports Dictionary

The members getting involved in the guys's or women's competitors. In an important intercontinental competitors, nations can enter a group of eight professional athletes for men spread-over the different categories. For a women's significant tournament, they can enter seven lifters. They can compete in only one fat division. (recreation: Weightlifting)

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  • On November hands down the 12 months for the reason that a competitor transforms 20, these are generally permitted compete in the guys's or ladies' classes. Before that they must contend within the junior sections. (sport: Biathlon)
  • One "musher" per group. Drivers frequently have a dog handler to help all of them. (recreation: Sled Dog Racing)
  • needs to be amateur, and people in a link associated into Federation Internationale de Luge. (recreation: Luge)

Sentence Examples with the word Competitors

The Teutonic knights in the north and the Tatar hordes in the south were equally bent on the subjection of Lithuania, while Olgierd's eastern and western neighbours, Muscovy and Poland, were far more frequently hostile competitors than serviceable allies.

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