What does Commuter mean?

Commuter meaning in General Dictionary

of or pertaining to commuting in the feeling of taking a trip utilized for commuting as a commuter airline

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  • a person who commutes especially person who commutes in taking a trip
  • someone who travels regularly from home in a suburb to work in a city
  • a traveler train that's ridden primarily by passengers whom travel on a regular basis from a single spot to another
  • person who commutes; especially, one who commutes in traveling.

Commuter meaning in Urban Dictionary

A commuter is any type of wheeled bicycle that gets you from point A to aim B.

Commuter meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1865, United states English, "holder of a commutation admission," representative noun from travel (v.).

Sentence Examples with the word Commuter

Yet, as she opened the car door, her gaze was drawn to the commuter plane.

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