What does Chrysanthemum mean?

Chrysanthemum meaning in General Dictionary

A genus of composite plants mostly perennial as well as numerous species including the numerous kinds of yard chrysanthemums annual and perennial because feverfew and also the oxeye daisy

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  • the flower of a chrysanthemum plant
  • any one of numerous perennial old-world natural herbs having showy brightly colored rose minds associated with genera Chrysanthemum, Argyranthemum, Dendranthema, Tanacetum; extensively cultivated
  • A genus of composite flowers, mainly perennial, and of many species such as the numerous kinds of garden chrysanthemums (annual and perennial), as well as the feverfew and also the oxeye daisy.

Chrysanthemum meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1550s, from Latin chrysanthemum, from Greek khrysanthemon "marigold," actually "golden rose," from khrysos "gold" (see chrysalis) + anthemon "a flower," from PIE *andh- "bloom" (see anther).

Chrysanthemum meaning in Symbols Dictionary

The chrysanthemum the most important symbolic plants in all of Asia. In strictly geographical terms, the symbolism for the lotus is much more widespread for the continent, however in Asia and Japan the lotus incurs some stiff competition using this golden-hued beauty.

Sentence Examples with the word Chrysanthemum

The same authorities recommend a powder, composed of larvicide (an aniline substance), chrysanthemum flowers, and valerian root, to be burnt in bedrooms. Anointing the skin with strong-smelling substances is of little use in the open air, but more effective in the house; turpentine appears to be the best.

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