What does Chicago mean?

Chicago meaning in Etymology Dictionary

town launched in 1833, known as from a Canadian French as a type of an Algonquian word, either Fox /sheka:ko:heki "place of crazy onion," or Ojibwa shika:konk "at the skunk place" (occasionally rendered "place of this bad smell"). The Ojibwa "skunk" term is distantly regarding the latest The united kingdomt Algonquian word that yielded contemporary English skunk (n.). Related: Chicagoan.

Chicago meaning in General Dictionary

biggest town in Illinois; a bustling Great Lakes interface that runs 26 kilometers across the southwestern shoreline of Lake Michigan

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  • a gambling card online game for which chips are put regarding ace and master and queen and jack of separate fits (taken from a different deck); a player plays the best card of a suit in the hand and successively greater cards are played through to the series stops; the player which plays a card matching one in the design wins all the chips thereon card

Chicago - German to English

Chicago [Rob Marshall] [2002]

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  • Chicago [Illinois, American]

Sentence Examples with the word Chicago

Among his best-known orations are that delivered at the unveiling of the Bartholdi statue of Liberty enlightening the World (1886), an address at the Washington Centennial in New York (1889), and the Columbian oration at the dedication ceremonies of the Chicago World's Fair (1892).

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