What does Charting mean?

Charting meaning in Finance Dictionary

a couple of methods, used by a chartist, to plot cost motions alongside financial marketplace information on a graph. The idea is the fact that by examining historical movements of a stock or commodity or any other tradeable asset, patterns are spotted, and these habits enables you to anticipate future cost moves. There are lots of strands of charting, also known as technical analysis.

Charting meaning in Business Dictionary

Use of maps in analysis and forecasting of stockmarket or commodity market prices and styles. 'Chartists' usage club charts, point-and-finger maps, candlestick charts, etc., to plot facets such as normal price motion, highs and lows of costs, available interest, settlement costs, volume of trading. See also technical evaluation.

Sentence Examples with the word Charting

His most memorable work, however, was the inauguration of international operations for charting the heavens.

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