What does Cathar mean?

Cathar meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, "religious puritan" (implied in Catharism), from Medieval Latin Cathari "the Pure," identify taken by Novatians along with other Christian sects, from New Testament Greek katharezein "to make clean," from Greek katheros "pure." Relevant: Catharist.

Sentence Examples with the word Cathar

This article relates to the Western Cathars, as they appear (1) in the Cathar Ritual written in Provencal and preserved in a 13th -century MS. in Lyons, published by Cledat, Paris, 1888; (2) in Bernard Gui's Practica inquisitionis haereticae pravitatis, edited by Canon C. Douais, Paris, 1886; and (3) in the proces verbal of the inquisitors' reports.

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