What does Catalyst mean?

Catalyst meaning in General Dictionary

a compound that initiates or accelerates a substance response without itself becoming affected as large number of enzymes offer in concert as calaysts to make the sequence of responses we call ldquolifeldquo the professional creation of low priced ammonia depended on finding an excellent catalyst

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  • (chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical response without itself becoming impacted
  • something that triggers an important occasion to happen

Catalyst meaning in Medical Dictionary

A substance that boosts a chemical reaction but is maybe not eaten or modified in the act. Catalysts tend to be of enormous significance in biochemistry and biology. All enzymes tend to be catalysts that expedite the biochemical responses essential for life. The enzymes in saliva, including, accelerate the conversion of starch to glucose, doing in minutes exactly what would usually take weeks.

Catalyst meaning in Law Dictionary

substance or compound that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction's rate when added to another chemical or substance. The catalyst is unaltered in the process and it is reusable until effectiveness is lost. An example is nickel that is the catalyst the hydrogenation or solidification of veggie oil. Another example is chlorophyll in plants could be the catalyst for photosynthesis, converting co2 with water into sugars. May be the reverse of an inhibitor.

Catalyst meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"substance which speeds a chemical reaction but itself stays unchanged," 1902, formed in English (on analogy of analyst) from catalysis. Figurative usage by 1943.

Catalyst meaning in Business Dictionary

Chemical or compound added or applied to another substance, to initiate or accelerate the price of a chemical effect. The catalyst just isn't used in this procedure and can even be properly used often times before it manages to lose its effectiveness. Nickel, for instance, is used in solidification (hydrogenation) of veggie natural oils; similarly existence of chlorophyll in plants tends to make photosynthesis possible that converts skin tightening and and water into sugars. A catalyst is an opposite of inhibitor.

Catalyst meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

A substance that speeds up a chemical effect without having to be eaten itself in the effect.

Sentence Examples with the word Catalyst

His belligerent attitude toward car driving became the catalyst for this thought provoking drama.

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