What does Catalysis mean?

Catalysis meaning in Medical Dictionary

The process wherein a substance boosts a chemical effect without getting eaten or changed in the process. Substances that can accomplish this remarkable feat tend to be called catalysts and are also of immense importance in chemistry and biology.

Catalysis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "dissolution," from Latinized as a type of Greek katalysis "dissolution, a dissolving" (of governments, military devices, etc.), from katalyein "to reduce," from kata- "down" (or "completely"), see cata-, + lyein "to loosen" (see drop). Chemical feeling "modification brought on by a representative which itself stays unchanged" is attested from 1836, introduced by Swedish chemist J

Catalysis meaning in General Dictionary

speed of a substance effect caused the existence of material which chemically unchanged after the effect

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  • Dissolution; degeneration; decay.
  • an ongoing process by which response does occur inside presence of particular agents of formerly believed to exert an impact by mere contact. It is currently believed that these types of reactions are attended with the forming of an advanced substance or compounds, to make certain that by alternate composition and decomposition the broker is apparenty kept unchanged; because, the catalysis of earning ether from alcohol by way of sulphuric acid; or catalysis when you look at the action of dissolvable ferments (as diastase, or ptyalin) on starch.
  • The catalytic power.