What does Catabolism mean?

Catabolism meaning in General Dictionary

the break down of more technical substances into easier ones with launch of power in residing organisms destructive or downward metabolic rate a kind of k-calorie burning in opposition to anabolism See additionally Disassimilation

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  • description in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler people and launch of power

Catabolism meaning in Medical Dictionary

The energy-burning facet of metabolic process.

Catabolism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1876, katabolism, "destructive metabolism," from Greek katabole "a throwing down" (in addition "a foundation"), from kataballein "to throw straight down," from kata- "down" (see cata-) + ballein "to toss" (see ballistics). Barnhart says most likely created in English regarding type of kcalorie burning. Spelling Latinized from 1889.

Sentence Examples with the word Catabolism

Hering has long insisted on a self-regulative adjustment of the cell metabolism, so that action involves reaction, increased catabolism necessitates after-increase of anabolism.

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