What does Cat Vest mean?

Cat Vest meaning in Urban Dictionary

a little vest/coat/jumper donned by a cat or a small dog, such as for example a maltese or shihtzu. It's slipped within the mind and often through the supply holes though some types consist of knee, and also tail holes. Often these vests are made from corduroy, but usually not - plus often either burberry, cotton fiber, tartan/plaid or wool. But they are able to even be crafted from synthetic and sometimes even spandex. Plenty of rich individuals such as Paris Hilton always dress their tiny almost-a-handbag-but-it's-living puppies (and perhaps cats) in designer vests. Some are fitted with genuine diamonds or simply diamantes and usually accompany a matching collar. Certain breeds of tiny dog should use vests because their natural hair or fur doesn't keep them warm adequate because of the abnormal climates by which they reside.