What does Casually Exclusive mean?

Casually Exclusive meaning in Urban Dictionary

identifies an uncertain relationship arrangement whereby both functions mutually agree to only "sleep" with one another on a laid-back basis, but have never made their personal relationship publicly known. This relationship arrangement is described as minimal or no PDA (Public Display of Affection).In addition, the functions might go off to dinner, flicks an such like. They may even meet with the one another's friends. But, the person is introduced by their particular first name, no final name. Neither person is bound to the other. Most of all, there are no long, drawn out telephone conversations together, the telephone can be used just to establish a date and time for the next meeting. Everything is when you look at the semblance of experiencing a relationship, minus the PDA and dedication. This arrangement could be terminated at anytime.Typically, it is established early this one individual would like to have a casually unique agreement, additionally the other party will either comply or not.This ambiguous commitment contract is above “f**k friends” or “bed friends” and it is one below online dating.