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A very awesome location situated in Douglas County, Colorado between Denver and Colorado Springs. It is bisected by Interstate 25 and it is residence to around 50,000 people. Castle Rock is an extremely good and breathtaking spot to live as it is found in the mountains straight adjacent to Colorado's large mountain ranges. The downtown is historic, exceedingly well-kept and incredibly charming and good. Better still is the rock-capped butte (The "Castle Rock") that rises through the northeast side of downtown. Within the cold weather, a star is lighted at night atop "The Rock."It often snows significantly more than in Denver and Colorado Springs and it is a little cooler in summer due to the greater elevation, and it's also also rather windy all year but the wind is a small bad aspect when compared to the numerous positives.Many residents, especially young adults, complain endlessly that there surely is "nothing to-do" in Castle Rock as it's "boring." Let me make it clear, Castle Rock is boring in the event that you ensure it is boring. Walking within the rock and taking in the scene never ever gets old. Sure, there isn't much to accomplish in terms of man-made activity, but all that is just a 20-minute drive north to Lone Tree. For things do do, get-off your lazy butt and explore the Colorado wilderness which your garden because you're lucky to possess it when compared with an individual who lives in a REAL boring place like Kansas.I like Castle Rock! The shittiest city on the map. It's in Washington condition. Every person discover on meth, they all are liars, backstabbers and theives! Dont previously get here. You are performing just wasting your time, or simply just looking to end up being the most recent meth head/crack whore into the city!