What does Casting vote mean?

Casting vote meaning in Idioms Dictionary

The casting vote is a vote directed at a chairman or president that is used if you find a deadlock.

Casting vote meaning in Law Dictionary

where in actuality the ballots of a deliberative system or legislative human anatomy are similarly divided on any question or motion, this is the privilege associated with the presiding officer to cast one vote (if usually he would never be eligible for any vote) on either part, or to throw one extra vote, if he's already voted as a part associated with human anatomy. This is known as the “casting vote.” By the common law, a casting vote often indicates the solitary vote of a person who never votes; but. in the case of an equality, often the two fold vote of somebody who initially votes along with the rest, after which, upon an equality, creates many giving another vote. Folks v. Church of Atonement, 48 Barb. (N. Y.) 000; Brown v. Foster, 88 myself. 40. 33 Atl. 002, 31 L. R. A. 110; Wooster v. Mullins, 04 Conn. 340, 30 Atl: 144, 25 L. R. A. 094.

Casting vote meaning in General Dictionary

the determining vote cast-by the presiding officer to solve a wrap

Sentence Examples with the word Casting vote

By his casting vote at a critical period during the debate in the Senate on the tariff bill of 1846, he irretrievably lost his influence with the protectionist element of his native state, to whom he had given assurances of his support of the Tyler tariff of 1842.

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