What does Cassoulet mean?

Cassoulet meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A classic stew from southwest France consisting of white beans and multiple meat (such as for example lamb, pork, sausage, maintained duck or goose). The meal is normally enriched with large amounts of duck fat, covered and gradually cooked to harmonize the tastes. The most notable will be browned until crispy.

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  • a meal from southwest France composed of white beans and an assortment of meat like confit, lamb, chicken, and Toulouse sausage. The meal is enriched with large amounts of duck fat and is baked before the top is brown and crispy. Variations with this dish feature seafood and lentils. This meal is very considerable and requirements nothing else to-be supported with it but a bitter green salad to cut through the richness.

Cassoulet - French to English

cassoulet [meat and (haricot) bean stew]