What does Cassius mean?

Cassius meaning in General Dictionary

A brownish purple pigment acquired because of the action of some substances of tin upon certain salts of gold It is utilized in artwork and staining porcelain and glass to give a beautiful purple color Commonly called Purple of Cassius

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  • prime mover inside conspiracy against Julius Caesar (passed away in 42 BC)
  • A brownish purple pigment, obtained by the activity of some compounds of tin upon particular salts of gold. It's used in artwork and staining porcelain and cup to provide a beautiful purple color. Commonly called Purple of Cassius.

Cassius meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Male

Cassius meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Roman gens, one of the oldest families of Rome. The conspirator against Caesar ended up being C. Cassius Longinus.

Sentence Examples with the word Cassius

The city of AntinoOpolis was founded on the ruins of Besa where he died (Dio Cassius lix.

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