What does Cassiopeia mean?

Cassiopeia meaning in General Dictionary

A constellation for the northern hemisphere situated between Cepheus and Perseus so-called in honor of the spouse of Cepheus a fabulous king of Ethiopia

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  • (Greek mythology) the partner of Cepheus and mom of Andromeda
  • a W-shaped constellation inside northern hemisphere near Polaris
  • A constellation of the north hemisphere, situated between Cepheus and Perseus; -- so named honoring the wife of Cepheus, the perfect master of Ethiopia.

Cassiopeia meaning in Names Dictionary

Mother of Andromeda.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Female

Cassiopeia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

northern constellation, in Greek mythology queen of Ethiopia and mom of Andromeda, from Latinized form of Greek Kassiepeia, Kassiopeia, of unknown etymology. Associated: Cassiopeian.

Sentence Examples with the word Cassiopeia

ANDROMEDA, in Greek legend, the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia (Cassiope, Cassiepeia), king and queen of the Ethiopians.

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