What does Cassandra mean?

Cassandra meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Female

Cassandra meaning in Etymology Dictionary

fem. appropriate title, from Greek Kasandra, Kassandra, girl of Priam of Troy, seduced by Apollo just who provided the woman the gift of prophecy, however when she betrayed him he amended it to ensure, though she spoke truth, none would think her. Utilized figuratively since 1660s. Title is of unsure source, though the second factor seems like a fem. form of Greek andros "of guy, male human being." Watkins implies PIE *(s)kand- "to shine" as way to obtain 2nd element, ergo perhaps "praise of men."

Cassandra meaning in General Dictionary

(Greek mythology) a prophetess in Troy throughout the Trojan War whoever forecasts had been real but were never ever thought

Sentence Examples with the word Cassandra

In the distribution of the booty, Cassandra fell to the lot of Agamemnon; but again her foresight was useless, for he would not believe her prediction that he should perish in his own country.

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