What does Casket mean?

Casket meaning in General Dictionary

To put into or preserve in a casket

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  • A gasket See Gasket
  • A small upper body or field esp of rich product or decorative character for jewels an such like
  • enclose in a casket
  • field which a corpse is buried or cremated
  • tiny and sometimes embellished box for keeping jewels or other valuables
  • a little chest or package, esp. of wealthy material or decorative personality, for jewels, etc.
  • A kind of burial situation.
  • any such thing containing or meant to include one thing extremely esteemed
  • your body.
  • The tomb.
  • a novel of alternatives.
  • A gasket. See Gasket.
  • to place into, or protect in, a casket.

Casket meaning in Dream Dictionary

Who is into the casket inside you

Casket meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "tiny box for jewels, etc.," perhaps a diminutive of English cask, or from a corruption of Middle French casset (see cassette). Indicating "coffin" is US English, most likely euphemistic, attested by 1832.Caskets! a vile contemporary term, which compels an individual ... to shrink ... from idea of being buried anyway. [Hawthorne, "Our Old Home," 1863]

Sentence Examples with the word Casket

These consisted of five vessels, two vases, a bowl and a casket being made of steatite, and the fifth, also a bowl, of crystal.

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