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the following is taken from the development channel's website:Unassuming men and women enter the "money Cab" as simple individuals using a standard taxi ride, only to be shocked when they find that they’re immediate participants on Discovery Channel's innovative game tv show!Ben Bailey, the number and motorist of Cash Cab, then provides all of them listed here proposition:The money Cab will drive you all the way to your destination and ask you basic knowledge questions along the way. The questions start off regarding simple part, after that get harder on the way – the harder the question, the more cash it's really worth. Initial four questions are worth $25 for each correct response. The next four can be worth $50 then every concern from then on will probably be worth $100.A correct response is awarded the money, an incorrect answer indicates the contestant gets a strike. The participants can earn cash completely for their destination. Nevertheless the second they miss their 3rd concern (in other words., make their particular third attack), Ben draws the Cash Cab over and ejects them on the sidewalk, wherever they truly areshould they If they when they have stumped on a question, contestants can "shout out" for assistance, either by phoning some body on our mobile phone (a "Cellphone Shout-Out"), or by asking some one from the road for help (a "Street Shout-Out"). Each contestant only has one Cellphone and one Street Shout-Out during the course of each game.If the contestant has won at least $200 additionally the taxi strikes a red light, a "Red Light Challenge" emerges, that is a single concern with several part responses. The passenger has actually 30 moments to obtain all answers (e.g., name all seven of Snow White’s dwarfs). If the contestant gets every section of the response correct, they winnings $200; if time expires, they proceed without obtaining any hits against them.Finally, in the event that contestant gets to their particular location having generated money, they are able to opt to wager everything – double or nothing – on a "Video Bonus Question." Issue is a based on a clip from Discovery’s library.