What does Cash mean?

Cash meaning in General Dictionary

A Chinese money

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  • To pay or even to get cash for to change for cash as cash a note or an order
  • To disband
  • a spot in which money is held or in which its deposited and paid out a money package
  • prompt repayment for items or solutions in currency or by check
  • profit the form of expenses or coins
  • change for cash
  • usa country songs singer and songwriter (1932-2003)
  • a spot where cash is held, or where its deposited and settled; a money field.
  • prepared cash; particularly, money or specie; but in addition placed on bank records, drafts, bonds, or any report easily convertible into cash
  • Immediate or prompt payment in existing funds; as, to market products for cash; to create a decrease in price for cash.
  • to cover, or to receive, money for; to change for money; because, money a note or an order.
  • To disband.
  • A Chinese money.

Cash meaning in Names Dictionary

Diminutive of Caspar: rich man.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Cash meaning in Finance Dictionary

Money, in the form of notes and money, which constitutes payment for items during buy.

Cash meaning in Law Dictionary

Ready money; whatever can be used as money without being converted into another form; that which circulates as money, including bank-bills. Hooper v. Flood, 54 Cal. 221; Dazet v. Landry, 21 Nev. 291, 30 Pac. 1004; Blair v. Wilson, 28 Grat. (Va.) 105; Haviland v. Chace, 39 Barb. (N. Y.) 284.

Cash meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "money field;" additionally "money in hand, coin," from center French caisse "money package" (16c.), from Proven

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  • "to convert to money" (as a check, etc.), 1811, from cash (letter.). Encash (1865) also was sometimes utilized. Relevant: Cashed; cashing.

Cash meaning in Business Dictionary

Ready money. For accounting functions, money includes money in hand, petty money, bank-account stability, customer checks, and marketable securities. It would likely include the unutilized portion of an overdraft center or line of credit.

Cash - German to English


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  • cash

Sentence Examples with the word Cash

Some stocks reliably pay dividends, portions of a corporation's profits paid out in cash to its shareholders.

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