What does Caseous mean?

Caseous meaning in General Dictionary

Of with respect to or resembling cheese obtaining the attributes of mozzarella cheese cheesy

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  • of damaged or necrotic structure; cheeselike
  • Of, regarding, or resembling, cheese; obtaining the qualities of cheese; cheesy.

Caseous meaning in Medical Dictionary

Cheeselike. In caseous lymphadenitis, the lymph nodes become a soft, dry, crumbly size resembling cheese, frequently due to tuberculosis or a related infection. From caseum, the Latin word for mozzarella cheese.

Caseous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"cheese-like," 1660s, from Latin caseus "mozzarella cheese" (see mozzarella cheese (n.1)) + -ous.

Sentence Examples with the word Caseous

The caseous necrosis of the implicated mass of lung tissue, and indeed of tubercles generally, is held to be, in great measure, the result of the necrotic influence of the secretions from the bacillus.

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