What does Casein mean?

Casein meaning in General Dictionary

A proteid material present in both pet plus the vegetable kingdom when you look at the pet kingdom it really is mainly found in milk and constitutes the primary part of the curd divided by rennet when you look at the vegetable kingdom it's found more or less amply into the seeds of leguminous plants Its responses resemble those of alkali albumin

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  • a milk protein utilized in making e.g. plastic materials and glues
  • a water-base paint fashioned with a necessary protein precipitated from milk
  • A proteid material contained in the animal together with veggie kingdom. Within the pet kingdom its mainly found in milk, and comprises the primary the main curd divided by rennet; within the vegetable kingdom its found pretty much amply when you look at the seeds of leguminous plants. Its responses resemble those of alkali albumin.

Casein meaning in Medical Dictionary

The main protein within milk also dairy food.

Casein meaning in Etymology Dictionary

main protein-constituent of milk, developing the cornerstone of mozzarella cheese, 1841, from French cas

Casein meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Phosphoprotein rendered from milk, soybeans and other sources, crucial once the chief part of cheese (after fermentation), possesses all-essential proteins. It's regularly solidify food and adhesives and shows.

Sentence Examples with the word Casein

The formation of casein involves the curdling of milk.

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