What does Case-sensitive mean?

Case-sensitive meaning in Law Dictionary

Text occasionally exhibits situation sensitiveness; this is certainly, words may vary in definition predicated on differing using uppercase and lowercase letters. Terms with capital letters don't also have equivalent definition whenever written with lowercase letters. For instance, Bill could be the first name of previous U.S.

Case-sensitive meaning in Business Dictionary

Computer demand which specifies that each letter of a word or term needs to be typed exactly as needed or shown-as a capital (upper-case) letter or a common (lower-case) letter. Usually, passwords tend to be situation delicate for much better safety. Additionally, a database search are made situation delicate for better reliability.

Case-sensitive meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Text or inputted text which capitalization delicate. For example, "Computer" and "computer system" are two different words because the "C" is in uppercase and lowercase. Several times a password and username is case-sensitive consequently your login name or password should have the appropriate situation if you wish to login. If you are struggling to log into some type of computer or solution make sure that your limits lock secret isn't on and that you're with the proper instance.