What does Carver mean?

Carver meaning in General Dictionary

one that carves one who shapes or fashions by carving or since by carving esp one that carves decorative types architectural adornments etc

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  • US botanist and agricultural chemist who developed numerous uses for peanuts and soy beans and sweet potatoes (1864-1943)
  • an artist who creates sculptures
  • makes decorative wooden panels
  • a person who carves the meat
  • person who carves; one that shapes or fashions by carving, or as by carving; esp. one that carves attractive kinds, architectural adornments, etc.
  • person who carves or divides animal meat at dining table.
  • A large blade for carving.

Carver meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Carver meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c. (belated 13c. as a surname), "one just who carves" (in a few sense); agent noun from carve (v.). In a couple of dining chairs, the only with the hands, often at the head regarding the table, could be the carver (1927), reserved when it comes to person who carves.

Carver - German to English

carver skis

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  • carvers

Sentence Examples with the word Carver

In 1766 the region was visited by the Connecticut traveller Jonathan Carver (1732-1780).

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