What does Cartridge mean?

Cartridge meaning in General Dictionary

A Total cost for a firearm within or held together by a case pill or layer of material pasteboard or other product

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  • a module built to be placed into a larger device
  • a light-tight supply chamber holding the film and providing it for visibility as needed
  • an electro-acoustic transducer that is the part of the supply of an archive player that keeps the needle and that is detachable
  • ammo comprising a cylindrical casing containing an explosive cost and a bullet; fired from a rifle or handgun
  • a whole charge for a firearm, contained in, or held together by, an incident, capsule, or layer of metal, pasteboard, or other material.

Cartridge meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, cartage, corruption of French cartouche "the full charge for a pistol," initially covered with paper (16c.), from Italian cartoccio "roll of paper," an augmentative type of Medieval Latin carta "paper" (see card (n.)). The notion is of a roll of paper containing a fee for a firearm. The modern type of the English word is recorded from 1620s. Extensive broadly 20c. to many other small pots and their items.

Cartridge meaning in Sports Dictionary

The ammo utilized. You can find differing types of cartridge eg black colored powder, incendiary and tracer cartridges. (sport: Guns and Ammunition)

Cartridge meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

real item in a safety plastic shell which has a substance. An illustration of this a pc cartridge is a printer ink cartridge, as shown within the picture.

Sentence Examples with the word Cartridge

The Bourbonists, although they bombarded the city from the citadel and the warships in the harbour, gradually lost ground, and after three days' street fighting their commander, General Lanza, not knowing that the Garibaldians had scarcely a cartridge left, asked for and obtained a twenty-four hours' armistice (May 30th).

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