What does Cartilage mean?

Cartilage meaning in General Dictionary

A translucent flexible structure gristle

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  • hard flexible muscle; mainly converted to bone in grownups
  • A translucent, flexible tissue; gristle.

Cartilage meaning in Medical Dictionary

Firm, rubbery muscle that cushions bones at bones. A flexible types of cartilage makes up other parts of human body, including the larynx as well as the external areas of the ears.

Cartilage meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., from center French cartilage (16c.) and directly from Latin cartilaginem (nominative cartilago) "cartilage, gristle," perhaps regarding Latin crates "wickerwork."

Cartilage - French to English


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  • cartilage

Sentence Examples with the word Cartilage

The third and last sub-family, the Pteromyinae, is distinguished from the other two by the presence of a parachute-like fold of skin along the sides of the body, the supporting cartilage of which arises from the carpus or wrist.

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