What does Carthusian mean?

Carthusian meaning in General Dictionary

regarding the Carthusian

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  • A member of an exceeding austere religious order founded at Chartreuse in France by St Bruno in the year 1086
  • of or concerning the Carthusian purchase
  • a member associated with the Carthusian purchase
  • a part of an exceeding austere spiritual order, founded at Chartreuse in France by St. Bruno, around 1086.
  • with respect to the Carthusian.

Carthusian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Latin Cartusianus, in reference to an austere order of monks founded 1086 by St. Bruno at Chartreux, village in Dauphin

Sentence Examples with the word Carthusian

This conversion, which took place in 1374, appears to have been due partly to the effects of a dangerous illness and partly to the influence of henry de Calcar, the learned and pious prior of the Carthusian monastery at Munnikhuizen near Arnhem, who had remonstrated with him on the vanity of his life.

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