What does Carthage mean?

Carthage meaning in Names Dictionary

The anglicized type of the Irish Carthach, which can be a variant of Caradoc. The Irish St. Carthach, also called St Carthage, founded an early on seventh century monastery at Lismore, County Waterford.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Carthage meaning in Etymology Dictionary

ancient city of North Africa, from Phoenician quart khadash "new town." Associated: Carthaginian.

Carthage meaning in General Dictionary

a historical city state regarding the north African coast near modern-day Tunis; established by Phoenicians; destroyed and reconstructed by Romans; razed by Arabs in 697

Sentence Examples with the word Carthage

The established rule of Carthage in western Sicily was now something that could well be endured alongside of the robber commonwealth at Messana.

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