What does Carriaging mean?

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Carriaging may be the act of standing between carriages on a train, one-foot on either carriage, feet a bit more than neck width apart standing goofey or regular. Reasonably free pants must be used however too free so as to allow sufficient area for the penis and balls to swing side to side once the carriages move against one another. In the event that clothing is just too free you wont have the essential scrubbing associated with the tip associated with cock resistant to the clothing to completely enjoy Carriaging.Although often simply done solamente with garments on and merely for fun to captivate ones self and buddies, it is also possible to carriage naked but you will need a friend or any other item to carriage on. You are able to naked carriage on somebody's face, breasts, ass or other human anatomy part but carriaging can simply be performed with a non-erect penis. Its a lot more of a great play time then rigid sexy time.