What does Carpetbagger mean?

Carpetbagger meaning in Idioms Dictionary

A carpetbagger is an opportunist without having any scruples or ethics, or a politican who would like to express a place they usually have no connection with.

Carpetbagger meaning in General Dictionary

An adventurer a term of contempt for a Northern guy seeking exclusive gain or governmental advancement within the southern the main usa after the Civil War 1865

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  • an outsider whom seeks energy or success presumptuously
  • An adventurer; -- a term of contempt for a Northern guy searching for private gain or governmental development when you look at the south part associated with United States following the Civil War (1865).

Carpetbagger meaning in Finance Dictionary

Someone who becomes an account holder with a building culture when you look at the hope of taking advantage of a windfall handout as soon as the building culture demutualises (transforms itself into a public organization). Initially an American term for a northerner which went to the south following the Civil War for political or monetary advantage and, more generally speaking, a term for an outsider, especially a politician, whom seeks a situation or success in a new locality.

Carpetbagger meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition carpet-bagger, 1868, American English, scornful appellation for Northerners who moved South following the autumn associated with CSA searching for personal gain or political development. Title will be based upon the image of men showing up along with their worldly products in a large carpetbag. Feeling later on longer to virtually any opportunist from from the location.

Carpetbagger - German to English

carpetbagger [pej.] [USA: term Southerners offered to Northerners who moved to the South through the Reconstruction period]