What does Carpet mean?

Carpet meaning in General Dictionary

To cover with or just like a carpet to distribute with carpets to furnish with a carpet or rugs

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  • much woven or felted fabric often of wool but in addition of cotton fiber hemp straw an such like esp a floor covering manufactured in breadths to-be sewed together and nailed towards flooring as distinguished from a rug or mat originally additionally a wrought cover for tables
  • type a carpet-like address (over)
  • cover totally, as if with a carpet
  • cover with a carpet
  • a normal item that resembles or shows a carpet
  • flooring comprising an item of thick hefty textile (usually with nap or pile)
  • huge woven or felted fabric, generally of wool, additionally of cotton fiber, hemp, straw, etc.; esp. a floor covering manufactured in breadths to be sewed together and nailed towards the floor, as distinguished from a rug or mat; initially, in addition, a wrought cover for tables.
  • A smooth soft covering resembling or recommending a carpet.
  • To cover with, or just like, a carpet; to spread with rugs; to furnish with a carpeting or rugs.

Carpet meaning in Dream Dictionary

What is in rug?  will you be addressing anything up?  Could this be a lady intimate organ?

Carpet meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 13c., "coarse fabric;" mid-14c., "tablecloth, bedspread;" from Old French carpite "heavy decorated fabric, carpet," from Medieval Latin or Old Italian carpita "dense woolen cloth," most likely from Latin carpere "to card, pluck," probably so named since it had been produced from unraveled, shreded, "plucked" textile; from PIE *kerp- "to collect, pluck, harvest" (see collect (letter.)). Definition changed 15c. to floor treatments. From 16c.-19c. as an adjective often with a tinge of contempt, whenever used of men (as with carpet-knight, 1570s) by connection with deluxe, ladies' boudoirs, and attracting spaces. On carpeting "summoned for reprimand" is 1900, U.S. colloquial (but compare carpet (v.) "phone (somebody) to-be reprimanded," 1823, British servants' slang). To sweep or drive anything beneath the carpet within the figurative good sense is very first recorded 1953.

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  • "to pay for with a carpeting," 1620s, from carpeting (letter.). Meaning "call to reprimand" is from 1840. Associated: Carpeted; carpeting.

Sentence Examples with the word Carpet

With regard to the carpet manufactory, it is said locally to date from the time of the Crusades, and it is presumed that the Crusaders learnt the art from the Saracens.

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