What does Carpathian mean?

Carpathian meaning in General Dictionary

Of or pertaining to a selection of hills in Austro Hungary called the Carpathians which partially inclose Hungary regarding north-east and south

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  • Of or pertaining to a selection of mountains in Austro-Hungary, labeled as the Carpathians, which partially inclose Hungary from the north, east, and south.

Carpathian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, in mention of the the mountain array of Eastern Europe, from Thracian Greek Karpates oros, literally "Rocky Mountain;" related to Albanian karpe "rock."

Sentence Examples with the word Carpathian

BACAU, the capital of the department of Bacau, Rumania; situated among the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, and on the river Bistritza, which enters the river Sereth 5 m.

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