What does Carotid mean?

Carotid meaning in General Dictionary

regarding or nearby the carotids or one of those because the carotid gland

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  • one of several two main arteries associated with the neck wherein blood is conveyed through the aorta toward head See Illust of Aorta
  • of or relating to either associated with the two significant arteries supplying bloodstream towards head and neck
  • One of the two main arteries of the neck, by which bloodstream is conveyed from the aorta into head. [See Illust. of Aorta.]
  • Alt. of Carotidal

Carotid meaning in Medical Dictionary

Pertaining to the carotid artery together with area near that crucial artery, that will be located in the front side of the throat.

Carotid meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, "pertaining into two great arteries of the throat," from Greek karotides "great arteries for the neck," plural of karotis, from karoun "plunge into sleep or stupor," because compression of the arteries ended up being believed to trigger unconsciousness (Galen). However, if this can be people etymology, the Greek word could be from kara "head," linked to kranion "skull, top an element of the mind," from PIE root *ker- (1) "horn, mind" (see horn (n.)).

Sentence Examples with the word Carotid

Each brachiocephalic soon sends off its subclavian, while in the normal or more usual cases the rest proceeds as the carotid trunk, inclusive of the vertebral artery.

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