What does Caroline mean?

Caroline meaning in General Dictionary

a money See Carline

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  • of or relating to the life and times of leaders Charles we or Charles II of The united kingdomt
  • A silver money once current in a few areas of Italy, worth about seven dollars.
  • A coin. See Carline.

Caroline meaning in Names Dictionary

minimal, womanly.
Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Female

Caroline meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "of or related to a Charles," from French, from Latin Carolus "Charles" (see Charles). Specifically of Charlemagne, or, in English history, Charles I and Charles II.

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  • fem. proper title, from French, from Italian Carolina, initially a fem. adjective from Medieval Latin Carolus "Charles" (see Charles).

Sentence Examples with the word Caroline

Henceforth Christian's suspected democratic principles made him persona ingratissima at all the reactionary European courts, his own court included, and he and his second wife, Caroline Amelia of Augustenburg, whom he married in 1815, lived in comparative retirement as the leaders of the literary and scientific society of Copenhagen.

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