What does Carolina mean?

Carolina meaning in Names Dictionary

Joy. Song of joy. Also feminine variant of Charles: manly.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: feminine

Carolina meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1663, united states colony called for King Charles II (the Latin type of the male appropriate name is Carolus). Previously French colonists called the location Caroline (1564) honoring Charles IX, King of France. A 1629 grant here by Charles I of England was named Carolana. The first web site associated with the name is modern-day sc as well as the tract initially included vermont and Georgia; North Carolina first utilized 1691, in reference to settlements produced from Virginia. The official unit into north and south times from 1710. Pre-owned generically in developing species brands in botany and zoology from 1734.

Carolina meaning in General Dictionary

the region regarding the says of North Carolina and sc

Sentence Examples with the word Carolina

At Palermo Queen Maria Carolina continued to make vehement but futile efforts for the overthrow of King Joseph.

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